At the heart of any restaurant is it’s food and Florio offers a variety of Italian and French classics, a “greatest hits” of café fare: everything from house made Pasta to Steak Frites. Simple dishes such as Veal, Pork & Ricotta Meatballs round out the comforting menu.

Opened in December 1998 by Doug “Bix” Biederbeck, he imagined a warm neighborhood place where people come before or after a movie or the theater; a place where diners could eat in an hour yet stay for several hours with friends. One featuring rustic food such as crispy roast chicken and good frites, a little (but not much) music playing, a good bottle of wine and a warm smile from the server.

This is Florio.

Designed by Brayton + Hughes Design, Florio is situated on the corner of Fillmore Street and Wilmot Alley (between Pine & Bush Streets). The cafe is intimate and cozy; warm lighting, traditional but sophisticated colors and simple touches such as marble checkerboard floor and classic chairs help set the tone. Of particular note, the restaurant facade seems at home in Paris, London or Milan yet is firmly planted in San Francisco’s elegant Pacific Heights.

Doug is also the owner of the popular Bix Restaurant and Lounge in the Financial District as well as MarketBar located in the landmark Ferry Building.